have you ever found life to be insignificant? i find it to be insignificant all the time… is it worth trying to make it through everyday, i think NOT!!! i’m trying to make it through, to have a positive out look… i really am but i can”t seem to find happiness anywhere. has it left me for good? i’m starting to think it has but i don’t know. i’ve been wanting to s.i. lately yet i’m hoping i don’t. i get rid of my tools every once and a while but they always seem to make it back to me… it’s so easy to come across something to SI with!!! i haven’t s.i. for about three weeks now but the pain inside me has been compailing me to do so~ i can’t stand it!!! i wish i knew what it felt like to be happy but i really don’t know anymore… maybe i don’t diserve to be happy. i can’t find the strength to breath at times, is it even worth it? NO!!! i’m just a waist of air anyway!!! well, that’s all i ahve to say for now.