i haven’t SIed for a long time now, I’ve only done small things. However i am in a level 5 class and we have this project that has driven me insane. I have felt the need to SI worse than i ever have before. The only reason i didn’t is because of my support system. However i worry that if another project like this were to come again i wouldn’t do so well. I talked to the teacher about going to a lower level however she said i should stay in level 5 and i should be in level 5. she doesn’t know about my situation however i don’t know if that is still true. I then told my counselor and she agreed that maybe dropping would be best for me. However the only class i could drop to is pretty big so they won’t put me in it. Now it looks like i will be staying in level 5 however they are making plans to do something. I don’t know what yet but i worry that it won’t be enough. Or i will still be stressed or if my teacher will be mad. I guess this is mainly worries but i have felt recently one of my most common confidents not understanding how i feel and right now  i feel like staying is not a option. that have all level 5’s is to much and there is no other class to drop that will easy my trouble. well have to go do this history project. pls let me knkow if you have any advice.