Okay, so I am basically at a breaking point right now. I might just go crazy. Why is it because of my age that all the sudden I’m nothing? Why do people only care about adults? Yeah, I’m fourteen. Big deal. Why does that mean I that my SI is “not a big deal”? I think people would be surprised to look at my scars. Then tell me it’s “just a phase.”

It doesn’t help that my friend’s mom found out and now is talking about how I “handle my stress like a 3 year old.”  It makes me so happy that I’m nothing worth worrying about. I want help; can’t tell my parents. But everytime I try to reach out and try something to stop I need “parental permission.” Don’t get me wrong; I understand that on some levels. Only some levels though. Why is it that my age is stopping me from getting help? Oh well then. I guess this is it. I am so frustrated. Maybe I should just wait and keeping hurting myself until I’m eighteen.  All I have now is myself which is obviously not getting me anywhere and my stupid friends that could really care less who give me the same advice everytime.

So, therefore, I simply and completely give up.