sometimes i dont know where to start in the moring or in the night always seems so difficult to do and seperate everything..lately it all seems to be in one huge mess that cant be sorted out no matter how much or what i all seems to be in one all seems to be in a huge dont even think about going there today.i have all these thoughts constantly going threw my mind and no matter what i do i cant seems to make them go away and it drives me up the makes me think this is what i am suppose to do and i just think that i cant one hurts so badly and i hate feeling this way but i think that maybe im suppose to hurt no matter how much i try not losing my best friend that ive had since 6th grade but i guess its no big deal becasue she wont let me in and wont let talk to me at all about anything anymore and she keeps blaming me it seems and nothing i do makes it any a lady i trust told me to keep mu distance and to not talk to her or do anything but its so hard to do that when we do alot of things together and its killing me and i dont know what to do…im at my last end of making it without si and i need help to get throgh the day