or do people not realize how hurtful words can be? i feel like people want me to SI even though they have no idea that i actually have. classmates constantly accuse me of injuring and being “emo” and all this other stuff, but they don’t know a thing. everyone makes a joke about it and they don’t realize how serious an issue this is. i just want to tell them everything about my SI so they know what they’ve done to me. maybe they’ll change their mind about me… or maybe they won’t care.

sure i act like i don’t care at all, but i’m a pretty good actor. everyday i want to breakdown and cry just so people will leave me alone. i know i’m a better person than all these losers, but i don’t understand how some people can be so heartless and cruel. it makes me wonder what this world has come to.

maybe i just worry about other people too much. i need to focus myself for a while because self- esteem doesn’t rise overnight. i am beautiful, but i need to constantly remind myself this. i just wish they knew… but i’ll never tell them.