I took a couple of days off and my boss locked me out of my computer.  We have a new office manager, the boss is very mean and rude.

She is throwing a fit over nothing.  We do alot of internet research and all I did was set up a quick link to the pages I use most often and she got all paranoid.  She is forever having me look for files on events that never took place yet insists they did.  The files if missing turn up on her desk two or three days later.  I am so sick and tired of the way she treats everyone in that office.  So what if she is a single lonely old bat, she has no right to take it out on her employees.  I need help.  My kid isn’t speaking to me and my biological family has turned their back on me.   I have no one at work to even talk to about everything she does.   Sometimes I even consider taking it further than s.i..   I hate my life.