Okay, so I joined this site hoping that it will help me overcome my SI. Let me start off by saying I know there are people out there dealing with issues way worse than mine. And so I am grateful to at least still be here……Okay, so it all started my sophomore year in high school. I like to dance and it’s definitely one of my passions in life. Anyways, I was in the hip hop club at my school and there was this guy there..he was really good at dancing and i had a little crush on him. Little did I know a little crush would turn into something like this……….we became closer and hung out all the time, pretty much my best friend. And i soon found out that he had a drinking problem, he was an alcoholic. So it’s really just in my nature to want to help him as much as I could you know? I did everything I could to help him and it just never seemed good enough. So leaving out the little details, I couldn’t take it anymore and for some reason the first thing i turned to was a knife..I to this day don’t know why, but ever since then I can’t stop. Him and I, we went through everything together…for two years. We dated off and on for a year. And he really was my everything. He still hasn’t stopped drinking though, and I still haven’t stopped s.i., and everything is just a huge mess. I wish i could take it all back…I wish that he never started drinking..and I wish I never decided to handle it the way I did.