I seriously feel like im crazy. I’ll try not to go into details cause it might be triggering. Maybe, idk. Well i’ve only been siing for a few months, and honestly it’s never been really bad. Not enough to leave scars…the marks end up going away after a few days. The last time was worse so its just now going away. But now i feel crazy, because i get so obsessed that when i see its going away, i have to do it again so there is something there. I don’t know why but i feel weird when there’s nothing there. It’s almost completely gone and its bugging me now…i wish it wasnt bugging me, cause i’ve been doing better…but it still is. It still is all i can think about. I cant get it out of my head that there’s nothing there. There’s a big part of me who is glad i don’t have scars to remind me and it helps me move on…but then there’s still a part of me that wants something there again….idk, has anyone ever felt that way before?