I’m really struggling right now. Some advice would be great. My problem is that I don’t have a reason to quit.

Now if you’re reading this and are completely shocked, I don’t blame you. There’s nothing okay about hurting oneself, I know. But that’s just my problem. I wouldn’t be hurting myself if I didn’t want to, and I do. What I need is a real reason to tell myself it’s not okay. I know that it’s unrealistic for someone to be able to tell me a reason for myself to quit, but I’m really just desperate right now. Living without s.i. for me, is definately not something I’d like to think about. It’s almost as if I need it, and when I say that, I really do mean it. I hope people understand what I’m trying to say! It’s just so hard to put into words. I know I do want to quit for my health, friends, and family, but it’s that I don’t have a reason to quit that would push me the extra mile to recovery. And again, I just don’t want to have to quit even though I know I should.

I’m just really hoping that someone out there will understand what I’m trying to say, and if you do, PLEASE don’t hesitate to help me out. Please..