before i start.. i just gotta say, im not usually one to speak my feelings, i normally just leave it and hope it goes away, but recently its just been getting worse and i dont know how much longer i can cope… but anyway, from the start, i have been self harming on and off for about 3 years, but until recently its been under some kind of control. I have tried talking to friends, but i couldnt bear seeing how much it hurt them, so i went to see the school counciler, but after two sesions of me shying away from any of the important questions i chickened out and chose not to go back. It just seems like whenever im getting anywhere with trying to quit, something bad happens and im back to square one. Like the other day i was up to a whole week without injuring, and then i turned on my old phone, and found loads of texts and pictures from my ex and it really got to me, we split in november, because of the injuring and i was so convinced i was over him but im so obviously not and i ended up injuring.  How messed up is that!?! I injure myself over a guy who hasnt so much as looked at me since we split up months, and i keep telling myself he isnt worth it, without any success… and its just like im slowly loosing control and it sounds stupid and childish but im scared… so yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated, my email is 

thanks for listening