okay so today was the hardest…well me and my bf do A LOT together..track school volleyball…..well today was our first track practice and it was alright but not the best..why you ask because i was tonight because the girl i reached out  gonna be there but not for me for my bf..and it hurts more than anything right now…you see this person was suppose to help me with my si’ing and it just was a no after my bf and her meet one day…and she kept blaming me for all of the reasons we were not working out…but no she doesnt talk to me and when she does its short,rude,awful,and mean..and when she looks at me its dirty never nice or meaningful..and it hurts because the person i thought would never hurt me dosent do a darn thing for me when that happens she just walks away..well my family came because its been really hard and i come home crying very hard and it hurts my mom because she doesnt know what to do..and so they came to keep an eye on them and what it do made it worse..and another thing is that my bf doesnt do anything when she is with her nothing to do with me its like she doesnt care that she sides with her..i have no one to turrn to and its so hard and all i can thing about is si’ing all the time..and it gets to be way to much..well now we are gonna go back to the way it was and not bring up that they meet tonight..you  see i reached out because i know i need help but its hard..i thought this time it was going to work because the other times it was a no go..and i wanted it to work so badly now it feels like she is taking way everyting of mine to where i have nothing left..im at the end of the rope now and i dont know what to do i have hit rock bottom