Hey all so i told the military that i SI and well they took it all the wrong way.first they think all the wrong things.  I tried to tell them why i do it, but they don’t get it.  Now they think that im crazy and are threating to kick me out of the army. i told them i have stopped SIing but i can’t!!!!! i did for like 3 days and then i SI  i mean its a bit less but its still there. what do i do? i dont want to get out of the service and im not really sure if want or can stop SIing. it feels hopeless. i keep telling myself that i have only a few months left in iraq and than i will be home and everthing will be better. But why do i think like that i mean it can’t be that easy as much as we would want it to be it just can’t.well if you have n e advice now is the time that i need it.  well i got to go this war isn’t going to end itself Thanks everyone and a shout to Mina you help alot