i dont know where to beign….ive reached out for help numerous times and i feel like its just not worth it anymore..i guess im saying this is my last hope…the last time i reached out it was to an older girl who struggled with siing for 13 years and came over it and so i thought maybe she could help me..but i was wrong way wrong..we started to meet and talk and everything was going GREAT…and then it went and took a 360 turn and it was over before i could say a word..well she meet my bf and they went from there..my bf and i our friend ship started to be there and before i knew it i was all alone had noone to turn to and i felt unwanted…my bf and i tryed to fix it but its so hard when the person who was suppose to help me left just like all the others and now i dont know what to do….i was so upset that it drained my body and i was really weak and could not do alot of things…i usually hold everything in till i cant take it anymore and i guess thats what happened this past 2 weeks…i havent si’ed in little over 2 weeks…but that is nothing new to me…ive once made it 2 months then i broke down and did far worse than i have ever done it before…my parents know but its so HARD to go to them when i have the want to si…i just dont know what to do anymore…im so lost so affraid HELP!!!!!!