so this is my first time on this site. and im just trying to find some support to help me find better ways to cope with family stress other than hurting myself. right now im living with my grandma, and i would be living with my parents if i was able to see my dad legally, and if my mom hadnt kicked me out, last year. i started s.i. when i was like 12, 13 and i stopped for almost 2 years. but freshman year of high school was to much. finding out who my real friends were, trying to find were i fit in. all that jazz. right now im a junior and i have been trying to stop, and most of my friends know, and even my boyfriend. but i feel when i try to talk to them im forcing all my problems on them. i almost lasted a month but 2 days ago i did it when i found out that my mom, sisters, and nephew might move an hour away. it shouldnt have upset me that bad but finding out the people you love kicked you out of your home and now want to move that far away. just wondered if any one had any ideas.

xoxoxox sarah