Wow, I did not expect to get so much support on the first post! Thank you everyone for your encouragement, it helped me so much. I have a few questions, just about how to run this site if people would help me out. (Sorry, I’m new. lol.)

  1. Can I just automatically comment back to people? Are there profiles you can visit?
  2. Can I search for a specific person’s post?
  3. I’d just like any other useful information about the site.

Ok, so my week has went alright. Last night I just felt very unwanted, just kind of put on the back burner almost. So I went home, and my insomnia kicked in. I think I have linked my insomnia to nights that I want to injure. Anywho, I was laying in bed thinking about SI’ing, and so I texted my friend. Well, my phone wasn’t working so  I thought people just didn’t want to talk to I just layed there. I kept telling myself to injure.  But something wouldn’t allow me to get out of bed.

 Finally I fell asleep around 2:30 in the morning, and awoke around 4 to the buzzing of my phone. My friends had send me 18 messages between 12 and 3, and I was just now getting all of them. There were even 6 missed calls. They told me that they prayed for me very hard the entire night when they found out I wanted to SI, and I truly believe the grace of God pulled me out of that mess last night. I think it was God pushing me against my bed, saying “No, Taylor. You can’t do it. You won’t do it. I won’t let you.” and Satan getting (not literally) punched in the face.

Thank you everyone, I hope you continue to comment. You are all amazing people, don’t let anything make you think different!