I am new and found this sight right after injuring myself from about a month without doing it.  I went to the hospital about four months ago for injuring thoughts of ending it.  It was eye opening and helped me, though now that I am back it has been hard.  My parents now understand me more and are the best; my cousin is horrid for she always looks down at me, while my little sister I love to death.  With my depression I suffer from insomnia, paranoia and anxiety.  So, even though I really don’t have any reason to injure I always find myself injuring.  I have gone months without doing it but now…Haha, I am doing it once more.  Oh lord, how it is so stupid.  I find myself pathetic and make sure no one gets close to me.  If they do, they harm me in the end.  Kind of like my abusive boyfriend of three years ago.  Oh yeah, another thought.  I take unhealthy risks with men online.    Sick is it not.  Oh well, I am sure I will find someway to figure out what to do.  I would go to sleep but nighmares are always waiting for me; showing me images no one should ever see.