i woke up stressing this morning. well no i woke up ok this morning, then my parents called and as they were on the phone they started arguing about putting the phone on speakerphone so they could both talk. and it wasnt like i was in trouble or anything, i just spent the night at my aunts and they wanted to see how i was. ok cool whatev. but seriously, now you start arguing?!  i barely slept the night before,  and the night before that, and i had to be at work in an hour and a half and i had decided to sleep in until 915.  but of course they called at 830. but i dont care that they called, its just the fact that they called and started arguing for no freakin reason. i dont want to hear it! why do you think i went to my aunts house for once. i didnt want to be around them.  now im sitting here at work and throughout the whole day i keep getting calls from my mom, “your fathers not talking to me, is he calling you?” or “i just dont understand why hes like this today maybe its…” and she just goes on and on and on and i love my mom i do but seriously i dont want to hear it! its her life, fix it! ill listen but really i have so much going on that i dont want to have to deal with my parents little fights! i dont know. maybe im over exagerating.  all night i wanted to S.i.  i didnt, and really the only reason i didnt was because i was at my aunts house, and i couldnt risk making a mess in bed.  at least at home i can throw the sheets in the wash but there it would just look funny. i dunno. im just so tired of it. i dont want to deal with it anymore.  ugh i dont know. i just dont understand why i want to hurt myself when its not even my problem! it doesnt have to do with me. im not involved. but im the one that hurts in the end. i doubt this makes any sense but whatev. i had to get it out somewhere.