It kills me when I walk by other people and seeing them scar free. I mean just standing there feeling like scum on gods shoes and watching others dance around in summer shorts and tshirts is horriable. I envy there scar free body and look at mine like I am a insane with all the injuries on me.  It isn’t fair that I got dealt the unlucky hand in life and that god choose me to be the gum on his shoe. I have distroyed my body, beyond distroyed it, trashed it. I look like an alien with my god knows how many scars on my body. It just sucks that, yes I know I am not alone, that most people you see prove to you that there is something seriously wrong with you, because you aren’t like them dancing around in shorts and tshirts because you can’t. You unlike them trashed your body with hundreds, if not thousands of injuries. It isn’t fair.