Well I need to reach out here as I sent an e-mail to Karen and there has yet to be a response… So I’ll reach out here.

I have been safe since attending the intensive program some 18 months or so ago. Lately I have wanted to bail out of my full time job. I can honestly say I went to hell and back to get this position back in a field I love, and have an education in.

I have had impulses, and urges, all to successfully state that I did not act on. I’m overwhelmed day in and day out by not only personal, but medical and financial issues. Because of the financial issues I have lost a really good T. I have not really sought out another one as being really disappointed. I am definately feeling effects of this long and really cold winter.

My provider (Psy. M.D.) has proscribed meds of which I cannot take due to kidney and blood pressure issues. So I am not on any meds other than the high blood pressure.

Is there anyone out there before I get back to the poing of giving in to something I really don’t want to do again?

If someone can relate. Please post.