so. last night. was a nightmare. i’ve been having continuing thought of ending it lately, and long story short, one of my friends found out and told my sister, who forced me to tell my mum. which sucked. i felt so bad. so today, she didnt let me go to school, she wanted me to stay with her. so we ended up going to the school psychologist to talk with him about what to do. now i gegt to see him every day. and he told us to go to the ER to get a psych evaluation. so off we went. we got there and waited for a bit. they had to see if i was medically okay first. but there was this old man, i felt so bad for him, i could hear him in pain. the nurse was really nice and helped me calm down, cuz i started shaking cuz i got queesy. but i could hear that old man the whole time i was there, a good 4 hours. idn if that was on omen or something, but it made me really scared. so, after waiting for a bit, me and my mum got a room. they had me take all my clothes off and put them ion a bag, and got me warm blankets cuz it was freezing. we waited for about an hour, and they came to medically check me out. and then we waited some more, and then the MD came in to mentally check me out. we talked for a while, and she was very nice. she even got me food, cuz i was really hungry, i hadnt eaten before that. but we were in there and my mum started crying and telling me how much she loves me and stuff… it was really really sad. they let me go because they thought i was safe, and i feel pretty safe now i guess. im going to start a program soon also and see if that helps. but the whole experiance just let me know that people care. all my friends were so scared. but i feel so bad for having to put my family and friends through this… i dont know, i just needed to get it all out.