so I am afraid to tell this guy about my problem.we are pratically datiNg. but before we start i want him to know about it. i want him to know what hE is getting himself into. i lEft some major hints as to my S.I. (you know how most guys are) he Didnt pick up on anY Of it. so i came oUt with the classic “I have a fRiend” situation. i asked him if HE had any friends that were seLf injuring. he told he knew he did. so i asked him what should i do with this friend that has this Problem. anyways, his response was very calm. he explained to me what i should do etc.

but the thought of telling him, makes me want to s.i. i am so scared. how do i can i tell him?

“hey i know you like me alot and i like you but before we date i need to tell you something, i injure myself cause it feels good” -right-

that will go over just lovely. ugh, life is complicated and messy.

it doesnt help that he actually thinks im perfect. he literally tells me this. of course if makes me feel awful inside. i continually tell him that i have my own problems and that i am not perfect like he thinks i am. i dont think he understands. needsless to say…

ppl who know about my s.i (not including you):zero

ppl who dont know about my s.i : everyone