You know those people that sit there and just tell everyone they know why they do the dumb stuff they do. Thats not me. i tend to hide everything about me unless its pushed out or i am writting.Nothing like telling a computer why you injure when the nightmares just get to much to handle.

Its like, no matter how much i write it wont go away. The only good thing that comes from my pain is the words that flow from my heart onto the keys.Half the time no one understands it. You can injure over and over to understand why other people do it but in the end its not the same for you. You just end up a little more messed up then befor. Trust me. I know.

No matter what some people do. They cant stop hurting themself. Alot do it because they have had so much pain in there life that they can only handle it in that form. For others, people that show it off. They do it because they think its cool. Little do they know its somthing that some people cant stop. No matter what they do they just cant stop.

I wish people could listen to what i have to say. So they could fully understand what goes on into a mind of a teen age girl that just cant stop. I fight and fight with myself everyday yet no matter how much i cant get the thoughts out of my head. I used to blame my past for it. All the things that have made me as messed up as i am today. In the end i guess i will see that i didnt have to hurt myself i chose to. In the end i will see that i am a Beautiful Mess after all. I just wish someone could sit down and listen to me. Hear whats in my heart and head.