I just want to say “hello” to all my friends I met at SAFE and to the staff.  I am really struggling right now and trying to hold on to all I gained while there.  I have SI’d a few times since I have been home and my family is telling me that I wasted my time going to SAFE.  I totally disagree.  I have worked hard since I have been back and feel like I have grown a lot.  I told them that SAFE is not a cure, it is a big step.  I am not going to make excuses for my SI behavior but I will say that I am really working on the issues that are contributing to it.  I am logging a lot more now.  For a while I had stopped and that was a mistake.  Although the logging may feel redundant at times, it helps.  I find myself wishing I was back at SAFE because it was safe.  I felt like I had a lot of support and I had people I could trust to talk to.  It was like a community, I was accepted for being me.  I miss that.  I am trying to find that here.  I just started attending a few groups at the Mental Health Center to help with that.  There really needs to be support groups for SI here though.  There aren’t ANY.  School is going well, I have 3-4 quarters left.  I have decided to devote my career to Victim Advocacy.  SAFE really helped me to see that that’s the right path for me.  No matter what my family may say or think, I am proud of myself.  Things will continue to improve, I am sure of it.