Hello, friends! I hope this will help somebody out there. (Or more than one “somebody”. You’re always a “somebody,” somebody really important and cool, whether or not you believe it.)

As a forewarning to this post, it is mainly about self-injury from lots of emotions, since there are many different reasons for SI. I also mentioned God a few times. (Hopefully, though, that won’t keep you guys from being able to relate to this post.)

Okay… so it’s easy to get caught up in our problems, and use something negative and destructive to feel better, right? (Self-injury, included.) 

But that’s not how I think we were meant to live. No. God I think created us to truly live… and self-injury is not a part of that plan. It breaks me down and tears me apart.

No, it’s not a bad thing to have emotions. We all do, at times (some people more than others). Some people, a lot of the time (me included).

We can take these emotions, though, and turn them into something good. Something REALLY good. Here are some thoughts on what you can do:

I have a friend who has struggled with SI and writes a lot; she inspired me to do so. (This is the same friend that made the statement about the immediate highs and lower lows.) Writing, for many people, is an excellent way to vent out all those feelings… it is very positive and constructive. Also, you may or may not believe in God. (I do.) If you do, you may find it good to write letters to God; it may seem a little less “formal” or “up-tight” than praying for a lot of people. (Praying is really, like talking with a  good friend, though—because it is. It doesn’t have to feel all weird, and you don’t have to act like something you’re not. Be who you are. God loves that. *smile*) I would personally encourage just about anybody to get into writing, whether to God or yourself.

Music: music is incredible. It is AMAZING. I’ve been taking piano since I was pretty little, and from that stemmed some other instruments. Let me tell you—it is an outstanding way to vent out those emotions stuffed inside you. Once again, I encourage any of you to work on music (whether it be playing music, listening to music, or writing music).

Try doing something active… such as going on walks/jogs/runs, basketball/other team sports), skateboarding/other “extreme” sports, etc. It may sound very cliche, but it works.  Self-injury is a kind of physical outlet for the pain… so doing a sport or something may help. (And a lot of studies suggest that doing sports or something else active may help you feel better not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.)

Read. Reading is great. It is an awesome outlet. Get caught up in a book, fiction or non-fiction. It’s great. 🙂

This may sound really obvious, or plain stupid, but think. Reflect. Even talk to yourself. Just really, really think over life, and over why you want to self-injure again. And talking to yourself—maybe I’m crazy (very likely), but it helps. A lot.

Okay… this one’s pretty hard, but step outside of yourself. Volunteer. Do something to help others; it’s amazing to see how much that helps not only others, but yourself included. 

There are many other things you can do other than these, too!

So take it to the next level, guys. Be more than just alive. Live. Really live. Be more than mediocre… start a revolution. Be the change you want to see in this world. 

Okay, I could write for forever; but you probably don’t want that. So those are some random thoughts for my first post. Thank you very much.

-Another struggler

P.S. A lot of these positive things can once again turn negative. You can listen to music that might not really help you much….so please be careful.