Look, I am the type of person that everyone thinks is perfect. I have a loving familiy, lots of friends and I have alot going for me. But recently I have been going through emotional issues, I find it very hard to express my emotions to other ppl. I keep it very private, I hate to cry infront of my closest friends. I have had alot on my plate lately and have been injuring. I tend to injure when overly stressed, sad or angery -it helps me focus on the external pain, instead of the internal pain-  helping me cope, in my own way.

I need help, I know I do. I cant do this by myself the only thing is I dont know who to tell. I dont have a friend that I can go to for advice, I am the person who normally gives advice. But I have recently fallen head over heels for my bestfriend, we have been friends for about 4 years now. He has told me that he likes me and I very much like him. I am struggling with the idea to tell him. He has alot on his plate too. I dont want to overload him. He is very over-protective*not control-ing* in making sure other people dont hurt or offend me. I dont know how well he would handle the idea of me hurting myself.

Those of you who have told friends and family, what do you think?