I really want to si right now. I stayed home from school today due to the fact th at i had had a fever the night before and i didn’t feel great waking up. It wasn’t major and i could of delt but i did n’t want it to get worse with my fall finals coming up and french ones this week. But, i have kept myself home before during a french test day and now my advisory teacher is acting over the top motherly which i am not used to and i hate it when i stay home because my granmother doesn’t say anything so i think i am making a bad decision and so thne for the entire day i am depressed adn upset wiht myself because i feel like i did something wrong and i will probably have to face my advisor and i will probably snap and then my counselor might think it was because i was supposed to meet with her and that i was trying to escape and i just feel like i can’t do anything right on these days and now i really want to si but i really can’t and so then i will try to find anohter outlet and i will but i won’t get any work done so then i might get more upset and actually si……what should i do…….