To everyone,

First of all I want to thank you all for your comments and concerns. Im not really sure if im going to go to my chain of command yet but, there were a few ideas that I think I might try. By no means am I saying that Im cured lol far from it actually but, those who have commented have given good idea and directions on what road to take. Ive recomended this site to a few people that I know that are still SIing. I plan to make this blog a frequent stop in my daily life to catch up and to unload the days stress in a guilt free enviroment. I also want to say thank you to all who created this site. Teens, adults, people have a problem and it is a problem, and you have created a safe place for us so thank you.

Now on to a less apeasing subject. I did it again and it was weird this time. When I started I was in that zone and I know you know what im talking about, but than something snapped me out of it. It was really weird and it frightened me a little to be honest and than i relized what haopened. We got mortared! For those of you who dont know what a mortar is… a BOMB fired from a tube(BIG boom). It was only one but I was in shock. I really didn’t konw what to do than I was going to deal with the stress by SIing but than I realized WT*. I mean I had to go to work and make sure everyone was ok.  After I did my job I went back to my room and just breathed and looked at myself in the mirror and started to yell at myself. I was more concered about me than what was going on with my “FAMILY”. They could have DIED I think that that really opened my eyes up IDK but, long story short I didn’t SI.

Thanks for listening.