Hey all this is my first post and its nice to find a place where you can talk about SIing and not be looked at like your a crazy……Well as the title says I am a soldier currently deployed to Iraq and I really didn’t start to SI bad until I got here. When I was in high school I did it a little tough I think that it was because one of my friends did it and i wanted to fit in:(  but this time is different I can’t stop I want to I really do I am afraid about if someone sees the scars but I cant as many times as i tried. Ive bought a electric shaver got ride of all my sharps but I cant stop.

I finally did tell one of my friends but I really dont think that it matters I mean shes 8000 miles away and she SI’s too. I’m to the point where I just want to give up and deal with it. Im not really sure what type of punishment the Military or my unit would give me either. IDK it just seems like a lost cause……………….. well if any of you have any advice now is the time that I would really appreciate it. Thanks for listening

Soldier in NEED