Hey all im new to this site but not new to SI.im a Soldier serving in Iraq right now and im not really sure how to deal wtih the problem this time. when i was in high school i could talk about it with my friend, but here it is a little different. im supposed to be a soldier a professional. But sometimes the pressure is just so much. sometimes i really cant stand it. yeah i know that i need to tell someone but when i go to talk to someone im afraid of what will happen. I love my job in the military and I want to be strong but i dont know how much longer this can go on. on the outside im a HOOAH soldier(good) on the inside om screaming like i need air but am under water  and little things are starting to set me of just the wrong person talking to me, right song, or someone not picking up when i call them makes me an emotional wreck. i really dont know what to do, or where to go?  if any knows i would really appreciate the help. THANKS