Ok, so last night, I went over to my friends boyfriends house with her, along with another friend. We were over there for a while, then went to drop off the other friend. It was me, my friend, and her boyfriend.

(For the sake of not conusing anybody, I am going to give them fake names. I will be Stacy, my friend will be Niki, and her boyfriend will be Tom.)

 So, we are going to drop off Niki at her house, and as we get closer, Tom gets really… nervous. Tom keeps asking Niki if she wants to stay at his house for the weekend, but she says no. Tom said something about her dad, and how he wanted to take him and make sure he never got near her again.

After me and Tom droped Niki off, we decided to go se a movei. (No, we are not doing anything behind Nikis back. It was suppost to be Tom, me, another friend, Toms sister, and someone else. Everyone bailed out, so it was just me and him.

On the way there, he told me about Nikis dad (Step-dad actually) Apparently, he did… things to her when she was younger. And the bad part is, she felt so bad about it that she tried to, um… take herself out, if you know what I mean. There was a lot of emotional stuf, me and Tom kind of spilling our problems to each ouher, just to get it all out. (I didnt say I SI, but I think I might tell him.) I felt great that Tom trusted me enough to tell me. He said he hopes that maybe she could open up to me too. (So far, Niki has only told Tom. Her g******* mom didnt believe her, and her real dad dosnt car eabout anything really.)

The thing is, I was going to tell Niki about my SI, but now I dont know if I should. It might be bad for her, and she might SI too. On the other hand, telling her might get her to open up to me too… I just dont know, but for the moment, I have actually not even thought about SIing, or my problems since Tom told me all that stuff. I just want to help Miki, and thats the only think I want to do.