I’d first like to congratulate myself on my first post where I am not moaning or groaning about something.

Anyways, I don’t know if the same commercials are televised nationwide that are here, but H&R Block has a commercial out that in my opinion is really disturbing.  (longest run-on sentence ever?)  The commercial depicts an office setting that has the employees under a lot of stress.  Well, all of them have huge patches of hair missing….I won’t go into detail though.  So moral of the commercial is that if there is someone that is so stressed to the point that they are literally injuring, we are expected to laugh and then switch our insurance to H&R Block?  This commercial not only fails to make sense, it kind of pisses me off too.  I’m no expert or anything, but this is self-injury to the best of my knowledge.  In this commercial H&R Block seems to find S.I. comical and I assume everyone else is expected to as well.

Has anyone else seen the commercial I’m talking about, and do you agree that it kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

I now realize in this post I am in fact moaning and groaning, but I feel it was worth it.