Today I’m five months SI free. and it feels like yesterday I was fighting my way to get into SAFE. It feels like yesterday I got off the plane in Texas. It’s hard for me to talk about for the most part, because its not like my impulses are completely gone. as if that could ever happen. Its a never-ending that I am stronger for continuing to fight. One that will probably be there for the rest of my life. Im not even sure that going into SAFE that I thought that I was going to actually WANT to remain SI free after leaving there. But Ive fought, and continued to fight-and as each day

passes-I remind myself of the months that I have managed to reach out, to cope, to talk about the pain-to lessen my need to SI, and with that its harder for me to just throw away all that I have gained. Im hoping that with each day-it will continue to get harder to let go of all that I have accomplished.

I’m happy to say that Im still moving forward-that Im actually PROUD of myself for all that I have accomplished. Im ecstatic about starting nursing school in the fall-and I feel so much more ‘equipped’ for lack of a better word to handle it. (thanks so much kristen for helping me realize it wasnt the end of the world to wait a year!!)

 Kristen, Kristy, Suja, Lauren

Christen was just up here visiting me in NY and we wanted to post this picture and say hi!!!