I want to go through the safe book with a therapist so badly that I shake when I write that out.  But I’m much too afraid and my mind goes foggy and I can’t understand how I would make that happen.  There isn’t a safe referral person in my area.  I need a script.  Would I first ask if they knew of the book?  And then what if I can’t say anything out loud.  Is it OK to call and just ask for their email address to express what I want?  And then do I buy them a copy of the book?  Is it fair to expect them to even read a book for me?  Or would they do that after I committed?  (I really really don’t want to talk to anyone who hasn’t yet read.)  I’ve had bad experiences with three therapists who I know now (from the book) just didn’t understand and their lack of understanding was detrimental to my well-being.

Before I can go ahead I also need a clear understanding about the therapist’s power.  Can she have me hospitalized when it’s against my will?  The last time I quit because the therapist had picked out a hospital for me and her power seemed unclear.  What might a script be for finding out if a therapist is likely to call the cops over something that isn’t really life threatening? Do I ask directly, at what point would you call the cops?  I have sympathy for their issues of professional liability but I can’t afford to put myself in harms with the legal/hospital system.