Im 17, and been struggling with S.I.  for a few years now. It started with depression, I tried to reach out to my mom, who shot me down and didn’t believe me, and i reached out to my best friend and told her i was depressed and worked up the courage to show her my scars, but I know she didn’t take me seriously. I have been getting better, but i cant seem to throw away wat i used when i was feeling down. Then when i feel good, i cant seem to throw it away, i try and try, but i cant so i feel worse, and soon after i use it. I want to feel better and be done with this, nobody believes me and people see the scars but say nothing. Now i can’t wear shorts or skirts anymore because when nobody came to my side when they could see it i didnt feel there was any reason for even me to be able to see it on a regular basis so it was hidden. I finally reached out to another friend after a year of saying nothing and she told me about this site. I want to get better, but i need help on how to throw away wat helped me “feel better” because i dont think i can move on till i do. I need to feel good again.