I am doing a major project for one of my classes (I’m a senior) over Self Harm. As someone with 4+ years of injuring, this subject means a lot to me, as does breaking the stereotypes and especially the hesitation people have to talk about it.

If you currently or formerly injure, if you would open up and give a little of your time to this project, I would appreciate it more than you could ever know. If you want to help, email me at>> emily@thinkon.us

I’ll ask you to complete a survey.  Just a heads up: its a little lengthy (50 Q’s) and for it to really be useful to me you have to open up a little. It is COMPLETELY anonymous. Two girls in my class last year participated, and no one in the class had any idea.

Last year I did basically the beginning of what this project has snowballed into, and it turned out better than I ever could have imagined. If you are one of the many who participated, I can’t thank you enough! This project doesn’t just being awareness to my school, but has helped me tremendously in the arduous task of trying to stop injuring.

If you have any questions, comments, would like to know more about me/my story/my project, or need someone to talk to…let me know!