I found out about this via Facebook. My friend was attendeing the light a candle for suicide awareness and so i followed several links before i arrived to this site. I’m fortunate that this exists because i have resently been going through tough times which include the conflicts/struggle of depression and suicidiation. I’ve just recently been diagnosed with severe depression after struggling with it for… almost six years. I never really talked about it or “showed signs” until i entered college but everyone around me dismissed my blueness for just being moody. About 6 weeks ago i purposely OD. The side affects scared me and i do have a blog and so i posted a note on the blog which my friend has access to and she read my blog and then called a suicide hotline for advice and then called me. We agreed to meet at our school’s counseling and wellness center to see if i could get into a crisis counseling session. Ever since then i’ve been visiting the center for the past six weeks. That was not the first time i attempted to try and kill myself but i sure hope it is my last. I also am a suffer of aniexty brought on by excessive stress. I also engage in the behavior of self injury, it is as most would say a reliever of some sort. I’ve been doing that since i was 12 on and off. It just so happens that there is a family history of severe depression and anxiety in my family. My father suffers from it and he was newly diagnosed about a year ago after trying to kill himself and my twin sister suffers from bi-polar disorder, OCD, social anxiety and other issues. Its been somewhat of a relief  to know that i wasn’t just acting “moody” and it wasn’t something i could control. I knew i was feeling low and empty but i rejected getting help for it. It was a concept i learned from my father. it took him more that 25 years to finally accept that he needed help and in my own stubborness i till refuse to seek treatment thinking that i could handle it on my own. I know now that i can’t. I am very interested in meeting people on here and to engage in coversation. I hope to meet some of the members soon.