okay so today [or yesterday], december 23, marks that i haven’t SIed in two weeks!!!! i’m so proud, i don’t think i’ve gone this far in a really long time. everyone is so happy for me, including myself :] i’m really trying as hard as i can, and it’s definitely paying off! wow i’m just so elated right now, i feel like i’m glowing XP but for anyone who’s struggling, there is hope, and i know you can stop! thanks for everyone’s support so far, and i will keep you all posted on how i’m doing :]

but in other news, my best friend SIs, and today her dad found out she did again, and he flipped at her and called her ‘sick’. she told me this a few hours ago, but i’m worried for her. i think that’s the worst possible situation: having someone put you down for something you’re trying to stop, because she is trying to stop. i’m worried about her and i’m sad for her, so if anyone has any advice on how to help her feel maybe a little better my ears are open. her dad did apologize, but i know it really hurt her..