so today (Sunday) I was upstairs in my room like allllll day I just didn’t wanna go down so I played sims2 and just relaxed so I thought everything was fine today (nobody was mad or fighting or whatever. And as far as i knew my mom hadn’t been smoking or drinking even though she SAYS she doesnt smoke we all know she does and even though shes not and alcoholic get a few beers or other alcohol and some cigaretts and she can be crabby as hell plus she has this tone of voice which one makes her reallyyy annoying and two makes her act like she knows all and God help you if you joke!) so anyhow I thought everything fine I went downstairs and already in about a sec flat knew it wasn’t. She was in her “annoying, crabby, know it all” time. My dad was crabby as hell and they seem to think I can’t hear them and they have to repeat everything (especially my mom). And by now I should be use to this act from my mom and I’m getting better but whenever she’s not like that and I say “well I just hate it when ur annoying” I cant say and I know its the cigarettes u had in the car on the way home, in the garage, in the house before I got home and I saw the three beer bottles in the recycling…don’t think I’m stupid. Another day at school I was walking with my best friend and she goes “and when ur mom comes over ohhhh man do my mom and ur mom get drunk and she likes a corona with lime” and I said ohh ya? I don’t pay attention. And she looked at me and goes “u don’t know ur moms drink order?” I said no. And all the while I had tears in myeyes and I wanted the conversation to end! And it scares me to think what if I’m the same way?