Have you ever had the feeling that no one cares about you, that you are the only person in the world that is going through a situation? Well at this moment I feel like that. I say this because I have a problem in my house hold dealing with my mom. When I turned 18 I moved out, and I did that because I was getting beat on, verbal abuse was caring on, and my emotions were getting stepped on. I didn’t know what to do, I had no hope. That’s how bad it was. Getting back to the subject, the worse moment that I had was when I was on the phone with my mom, and I was checking up on her, because I miss her, but then she got to telling me that she hates me and she wants nothing to do with me. She even told me that Im not apart of her family anymore, and wait there’s more…. She told me when she dies, for me not show up to her funeral.   Do you know how that feels coming from the person that birth you into this world, the person that raised you, who provided for you, the person that loves you. Well I do and it hurts deeply, more than words can say. I thought about S. I. when I herd that, luckly I had nothing to do it with or I would of.  I’m worth nothing and I mean nothing in this world, in fact I’m another statistic in this world along with being another human being. Man what should I do?