I don’t know what to do. I’m in college and didn’t make it to SAFE yet. I hope that somehow I can go next summer over break. Oh how that seems so far away. I’m just scared that things won’t work out i.e. parent’s (they control my $) , insurance company paying, yada yada. How do you resist the urges? How are you suppose to stop on your own? I’ve been self injure free for three months and nine days. Man o man this hasn’t been easy, nor has it become any easier. Everyday I struggle with the urges. What will happen if I give into them? That’s a question I’d rather not know the answer to. Writing in a journal used to help and I talk to my therapist about this. That just doesn’t seem like enough anymore. I got the workbook understanding self injury. Didn’t help much. Ehh.. what do I do? The thing that scares me the most is that I’m not tight knit with my family and the holidays are coming up. I see my t again the third week of January Lordy that’s a long time away. I just wish that there was a way for me to go to SAFE. That’s my biggest fear that something will keep me from going.