I don’t know what I’m going to end up saying, but I’m having a good day and wanted to share about it.  Therapy is going very well for me.  Pretty soon I’m going to start going 2x a month instead of every week.  This will be good too.  I’m doing very well.  I have not injured in many many years, and yes I am alumni of SAFE and proud of it.  I actually went a few times. The last time wasn’ t because I was injuring either.  I was in the behavior and constantly thinking about it so I went to SAFE basically for relapse prevention.  That helped me immensely. Christmas is right around the corner and that has always been a major trigger for me.  I think I’ll be ok this year with the family functions and all that.  I also do not drink and I find that harder to not drink than it is to not injure.  Injuring just does not really seem a part of my life anymore.  I’m more in the service area where I want to help people out.  I’m being asked if I want to work at the mental health agency where I receive my therapy from and I think I’m going to do it.  That will be my main goal for 2009.  To be in the working field.  It’s been awhile since I worked and I didn’t hold my position for very long.  But times are different now.  I’m stronger and I believe in myself more.  Now how did I get from talking about Christmas to working.  I’m a little scattered but that is ok. I’m still doing good.  Ya know I was told that two steps forward and one step back deal, which I can’ t stand hearing because it sounds negative, but if ya look at the glass half full or half empty makes a difference.  Two steps forward and one step back still leaves me one step forward.  So there you have it.  LOL.  My babbling for the day.  So I’m a little scattered so what, my wings still got me flying.  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  Is your glass half empty or half full?  Think about that, seriously, and see how your day goes.  Take Care, Laura.