I am not doing so well these past few days!! I think that it has a lot to do with the holidays coming around the corner, but not really sure!! I feel sad, alone, angry and scared as last night I gave in to self-injury. I have been sooooo overwhelmed lately and that feeling of wanting to isolate is coming back. I have a hard time picking up the phone too. I have been doing my logs, but didn’t do ANY yesterday. Stupid!! I know what I have to do and sometimes I think that I don’t need to do them as I think I have a handle on things going on in my life. I was soooooo wrong!! I feel like I can’t do anything right and yet I am not SIing everyday like before. It is soo easy to get caught up in all the negative things that I have done instead of what I have accomplished!! Anyway…guess I need to talk to more people. Maybe someone could email me and lend a supportive ear or two. Thanks!!