so on dec. 14, 2008 (sorry I’m big with dates) I was walking out of a store meeting my parents and sister at a store further down when a man approached me and out of at least 20 ppl there he came up to me and asked me to take a survey I said sure he had a clipboard and paper I figured it’d be safe he said it was an hour long survey I said sorry but I couldn’t so then he said there was a 20 minute one I said no but sorry maybe later I’d think about it he mumbled a few things but I already was walking away. I’m still freaked ive been almost kidnapped before but this was recent and I remember…vivid. I feel like such a baby for complaining but I can’t help it I’m scared. If you think I’m nuts or whatever say it I can take it I think I’m going back to injuring…not sure but I think.