this all started with one event at school(if you’ve read any of my other blogs). Which turned into a nightmare. But now all of my “friends” and even my best friend have turned away from me. They are just giving me the cold shoulder. The believe all the rumors. so they leave me out of everything. My best friend. that one hurts the most. He said he cant be there for me threw this because it would make him look bad. And that asking him to do this is asking to much. I’m not asking him, that’s what friends do! You shouldn’t have to ask to stand by someone threw the tough times. Doing whats right. From the time he and i met, he always told me that doing what was right wasn’t always what was populare, but yet he is following the crowd, just like everyone else. I cant tell my parents. I have one teacher i confide in about this. I sit in his room during in stead of eating lunch in the cafe. because is just so brutal i wont even go down there. so i just sit and talk and cry. I don’t know what to do. i mean teacher are good and all, but outside of school u need someone. and that’s when it feels like i’m going threw everything alone. And in my life i have gone threw pretty much everything on my own. Every bad thing u could think of i dealt with it by myself, but now its getting to the point where i cant deal with it by myself anymore. i just cant.