i think i may have finally done something right. if you read my last post, you will see i was having a really hard time. i am doing better. i haven’t SIed in a week, which is a start. i still am a little paranoid, but i think i’ve turned down the right road. no, i haven’t told anyone about my problem yet which may sound very bad, but i don’t think i have to anymore. i have finally found enough will and strength to finally end this. i feel more sure than ever. of course there are still plenty of impulses, but i feel that i can take them on. i started this and now i’m ending it too.

maybe i’m too confident, but i hope not. all i really need to do is love myself even more. this may (hopefully) be the start of a very long, but successful journey.

i could start at the very beginning again, but i have a strong sense that i will not. 🙂