It has been a really long time since i have been on here..i stopped injuring and things were getting a little better. But i just logged onto a website that i havent been on in a while. I checked my emails, and i got a help me email. some guy wanted me to help him stop injuring becuase i helped her stop. As i read the email, all my old emotions came back. I quickly typed him an email and tried to send it. The account had been i quickly typed an email to the friend whom he had heard about me threw, and she replied back to me that because i was not there and didnt email him back, he lost hope in everyone. he killed himself 2 weeks ago. And i cannot help but feel like if i wasnt there, and hadnt emailed him back sooner, he would still be here. I didnt want him to loose hope in people. i just wish i could have changed wat happened…because i feel like its my fault. my fault. he shouldnt have died. i could have helped him