This time of year is hard for many people, especially if we have memories of self-injury relating to the holidays.  I know I’m one of those people and last year I spent my holiday “recovering”… which was not only embarrassing, but painful.  It brought me shame because I wasn’t able to finish presents I had started and the presents were made using one of my coping mechanisms, which is crochet.  It was terrible and I don’t want it to happen again — so that is why I’m talking about.

I want to brainstorm out loud on here and hopefully give others a place to do the same.  How do you plan to stay safe over the holidays?

I’m going to…
– write more
– take advantage of my cell phone and call/ text people whenever I need to
– let myself cry
– talk about some of the scarier memories I have of this time of year, especially the memories of last year and work through the memories as they come up… therefore giving them less power over me
– continue to wear my silly crochetted Santa cap when I work, just because it makes me feel happy