these past few weeks have been really bad for me.  i even had to stay in the hospital overnight once after a really bad night.  my ex gf, who i was living with until i recently kicked her out, is dating one of my good friends.  at least she used to be, she is no longer my friend anymore, neither of them are.  i was lied to and stabbed in the back by both of them.  and it had to be over thanksgiving when it started too.  happy holidays…not. 

i knew this was going to happen and i was right.  i did everything i could to avoid being hurt but it didn’t work.  i really hate how well i can read people, i’m never surprised by what ppl do and i know when i’m going to be hurt.  that’s part of why i’m too nice typically cuz i don’t want people to hurt me, less likely to hurt a nice person.  and i know how i react when i am hurt, i am a mean B….. which is what i have been to my ex and her new girlfriend.

the worst part of all this besides how hurt i am is that it’s finals for school.  this is the second time my ex has made finals hell for me.  i have 60 pages i have to write by thursday and only have 7 pages done.  it’s so hard to concentrate and even get started let alone keep working when i have so many other things on my mind.  i can’t think of anything that will make me feel better.  i haven’t SIed since i was stuck in the hospital a couple weeks ago.