My brother had another seizure today. He couldn’t even stop his own fall. He just blacked out, fell, and started shaking, and there was nothing I could do. He’s way to young to be getting seizures, and it’s rattled me more then I’ll say. The last time this happened I used pain to distract, and calm my head, but that got ugly quick. I haven’t injured in over a year, but I haven’t really gotten over my urges completely either. My ability to deal with situations is improved but, still fragile, and I am getting very, very close to a relapse. I was actually shaking earlier while trying to suppress the urge, and that hasn’t happened since I stopped. I’m stronger than these urges, but I’m losing control and I can’t go back to that way of life. I can’t go back to that. I’m really trying to hold it together, even now while typing. I’ve got nobody I can lean on for this, so I’m leaning on you. Please just give me something to hold onto. Any suggestions, or encouragement would really mean a lot. I really don’t want to relapse.