Hi. I’m kinda new to this site, I just feel like no one in my life is willing to talk about this. It’s all just so hushed up in my family, I’m afraid to ask questions or to say how I really feel. I just can’t deal with how I’ve been feeling this past year and a half, and I keep trying to get help, and it just never works out. I’m on a new medication and yet I want to SI all the time. I’m meeting with the psychiatrist again next week to switch it, and on the phone he’s talking about amping up the dosage or combining stuff and it freaks me out, because my friends think I’m weak to do this and my parents are so oblivious, they think I’m just fine, and if I said I’m not they’d freak out and I’m beginning to lose faith in this process. Does it normally take long to find the right meds? Will they make me stop wanting to SI?